Monday, October 5, 2009

More Changes

The phrase on the bag says it all doesnt it? I got my sister a coffee cup last Christmas that said that and I loved it. I have been saying it to myself alot lately. I have mentioned previously that my husband and I both lost our jobs (with the same company) this past spring. Well my husband has had the good fortune to be able to go back to school and that means............ I get to go back to work. :(-

Now dont get me wrong, I dont mind work. Anyone who has kids knows Im not sitting around eating bonbons. I just dont like the idea of being away from my kids for long periods of time. For the last few years I was lucky enough to only have to work away from the house on weekend mornings and do my daycare during the week. Now I will be working away from the house about 35hrs a week and doing my daycare on my days off. The idea of leaving my kids breaks my heart. I know that its not like I will never see them again, I also know that in this economy that Im damn lucky to get a job. I just need to keep reminding myself of these things.
Any words of wisdom from working moms out there to help me through this? Other than making myself a make-up bag? lol

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My New Tote Bag

I just finished a tote bag that I love!! First off though, let me say that I cant take credit for the idea. As I have mentioned, I recently took up crocheting. While reading about it online the other day a woman mentioned wanting a tote bag that had grommets at the top for yarn to feed through and not get tangled. What a great idea!!! And the smoke instantly started to pour from my head. lol

With this idea running around my mind I did what any quilter would do---- I made myself a quilted tote bag. With grommets! I made it nice and roomy to hold a good amount of yarn and projects. I also added a pocket to the front to keep my crochet hook roll and scissors from hiding at the bottom of the bag. Then I added 6 grommets (3 to each side) along the top of the bag to feed the yarn through. All in all I'm very pleased with the out come and my bag is already full of yarn and ready to go. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, my baby started kindergarten yesterday. To be honest I had a harder time with it than she did. Its funny how different it seemed than when we took our older 2 kids to kindergaten for the first time. They were so excited and so was I. They were turning into big kids! They are in 7th and 5th grades now so I already have big kids. Dropping Megan off was different I guess because I would have been happy to keep her as my baby.

Alas, I couldnt and the day came to start school with the others. They did it differently this year and instead of helping her find her desk and put her stuff away they had us leave her on the playground with her teacher and all the other kids. That was probably a good idea. The last I saw of her (before the parents were told to make a get-away lol) was her on the monkey bars with her big sister. And she was safe, sound and full of stories when we picked her up.

All in all, things went good. She is looking forward to going back today and hopefully it will be a little easier. Its amazing how long 2 1/2 hours can seem. ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids crack me up sometimes. :)

My 5yr old got a new doll the day before yesterday. She came with fun clothes that we needed to put on her. We got her dressed and as I was tying her shoe Megan handed me her bonnet and said "Here's her vomit. Put that on too please."

I was laughing so hard that Adam had to explain that her doll wears a bonnet not a vomit. lol :)-

Monday, September 7, 2009

That time of year

Its nearing my favorite time of year. I love the fall! Dont get me wrong, I like the other seasons too but fall is my favorite. There is something about it that makes me want to make things. I love standing in a cozy, bright room working and listening to the wind whipping over the house or the rain pounding on the roof.

Yesterday felt like fall...... It was great! :) It was overcast all day and very windy. My workspace is in our attic, as I worked I could hear the wind not 3ft over my head. As the rain hit the windows I happily ironed, cut and sewed.

Normally during the fall while Im working Im in warm clothes with coffee near by. Yesterday had not hit that point yet. But all though I was in a tank top drinking lemonade it still felt like fall. Not to long and it will be completely here. I cant wait. ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not your everyday ipod case

ipod case
Originally uploaded by littleworm23
I recently worked with a customer who wanted a case for her ipod that wasnt your everyday sleeve. She wanted something that opened like a book and could be used open or closed. I must admit that I never would have thought of this for an ipod case.

After alot of back and forth on colors and embroidery designs I got to work. Here is the finished product and I must say that Im very pleased with the way it turned out. Working with such a wonderful woman to come up with this was aot of fun. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

katies hat and gloves

I have recently taken up crocheting. Here is my beautiful daughter modeling her new hat and gloves that I made for her. She has also started learning and made a very cute bag that I need to take a picture of. :)

Still figuring this out

Im still figuring this blogging thing out. I look at other blogs and they all seem much more impressive than mine. As it is, I have figured out how to add some Etsy minis. Make sure to look at the bottom of my blog and check out a couple of really great shops. :)

Winds of change

Winds of change. Sounds nice right? It’s slightly unsettling yet peaceful, kind of like a light breeze blowing through the trees setting adrift any lose leaves. But do you ever feel like it’s not quite enough? Do you feel like it should be hurricane winds of change? Or tornado of change?

In May of this year the company that I had worked at for almost 14 years (and my husband almost 7yrs) went out of business. Boy was that a surprising change. No light breeze there. Now mind you I had only been working (very) part time for a few years so that I could be home with our kids. I went back part time after having our 3rd, then started watching one extra child and went to even less “part time” and then I had another extra to watch and then another. So in the end I was doing daycare almost full time and working at my “job” less than 10 hours a week. BUT that was me causing the change. I got to change slowly, at my own pace.

Now I will admit that I personally don’t care for change. I form my habits and stick with them, I like routines. My husband lovingly calls me Miss OCD. Lol You can imagine that I didn’t like both of us losing our jobs at the same time. Although, even if I liked to fly by the seat of my pants that would have sucked. Anyway, fast forward to today. We have found out that is possible that we might both be able to go back to school. MORE CHANGE! Definitely good change yet scary just the same. Somehow this scares me more than us both being unemployed.

According to my mom, without change we would never move forward. I know that she is completely right. That being said I’m still afraid of change. But sometimes just knowing that I’m not the only one caught in a “tornado” of change would make me feel a little better.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first post

Well here it goes. Honestly I have read blogs for awhile but never felt the want/need to make one. Reason for that? I figured nobody would want to read it. Then this morning I realized that I could make one and even if no one read it I could write and it would be less like talking to myself. lol

I really dont know what I want to write about and Im sure that it will change day to day. I liked writing in highschool but that has been years ago. For anyone wondering how many years ago I just turned 33 this month. ;) Anyway, I liked writing then so I thought I might give it a whirl again.

If you read the about me part you know that Im married and have 3 kids (thats us at the bottom of the page) :). I also do daycare so I kind of have 3 "extra" kids. Mine are 12, 10 and 5 and my extras are 3,2 and 1. Good thing my husband shaves his head or he would be pulling his hair out on the days they are all here together..... we are pretty excited that school starts back up in a couple weeks. :)- On a not joking note, I will really miss them when they go back to school. Our youngest starts kindergarden this year and Im already haveing seperation anxiety.

Well, I guess I will be done for now. I would hate to get someone to read this then bore the pants off them the first post. Im sure I will write more though (goes back to the talking to myself thing). Im sure that future posts will have to do with my family, sewing, and whatever else pops into my head. Im hoping that I will make at least one person chuckle at my expense from time to time.

Feel free to post and say hi so Im not totally talking to myself. :)