Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, my baby started kindergarten yesterday. To be honest I had a harder time with it than she did. Its funny how different it seemed than when we took our older 2 kids to kindergaten for the first time. They were so excited and so was I. They were turning into big kids! They are in 7th and 5th grades now so I already have big kids. Dropping Megan off was different I guess because I would have been happy to keep her as my baby.

Alas, I couldnt and the day came to start school with the others. They did it differently this year and instead of helping her find her desk and put her stuff away they had us leave her on the playground with her teacher and all the other kids. That was probably a good idea. The last I saw of her (before the parents were told to make a get-away lol) was her on the monkey bars with her big sister. And she was safe, sound and full of stories when we picked her up.

All in all, things went good. She is looking forward to going back today and hopefully it will be a little easier. Its amazing how long 2 1/2 hours can seem. ;)


  1. Awww. It's good that she liked it though... considering how much longer she has in school!

  2. She actually woke up today before I went to get her. She is ready to go back today! :)

  3. My daughter started pre school and they let us walk her to the door and that's it. Thankfully she was excited to go and not upset, but I wanted to walk her in :(

  4. My youner one started pre-k. I had same feeling. I was 10 minute late due to the jury duty for his first day. When he found me, he cried for a minute. When I picked him up, I can not forget his BIG smile. He is growing every day so quick. It is sweet and bitter feeling.