Monday, October 5, 2009

More Changes

The phrase on the bag says it all doesnt it? I got my sister a coffee cup last Christmas that said that and I loved it. I have been saying it to myself alot lately. I have mentioned previously that my husband and I both lost our jobs (with the same company) this past spring. Well my husband has had the good fortune to be able to go back to school and that means............ I get to go back to work. :(-

Now dont get me wrong, I dont mind work. Anyone who has kids knows Im not sitting around eating bonbons. I just dont like the idea of being away from my kids for long periods of time. For the last few years I was lucky enough to only have to work away from the house on weekend mornings and do my daycare during the week. Now I will be working away from the house about 35hrs a week and doing my daycare on my days off. The idea of leaving my kids breaks my heart. I know that its not like I will never see them again, I also know that in this economy that Im damn lucky to get a job. I just need to keep reminding myself of these things.
Any words of wisdom from working moms out there to help me through this? Other than making myself a make-up bag? lol


  1. I love the saying on the bag. LOL. Sorry to about you having to leave your kids during the day. I know that must be hard on you and them. Hang in there though.

  2. No words of wisdom, but lots of sympathy. We do what we have to do. This too will pass.

  3. I have no words of wisdom but your bag is fabulous:)