Monday, August 31, 2009

Winds of change

Winds of change. Sounds nice right? It’s slightly unsettling yet peaceful, kind of like a light breeze blowing through the trees setting adrift any lose leaves. But do you ever feel like it’s not quite enough? Do you feel like it should be hurricane winds of change? Or tornado of change?

In May of this year the company that I had worked at for almost 14 years (and my husband almost 7yrs) went out of business. Boy was that a surprising change. No light breeze there. Now mind you I had only been working (very) part time for a few years so that I could be home with our kids. I went back part time after having our 3rd, then started watching one extra child and went to even less “part time” and then I had another extra to watch and then another. So in the end I was doing daycare almost full time and working at my “job” less than 10 hours a week. BUT that was me causing the change. I got to change slowly, at my own pace.

Now I will admit that I personally don’t care for change. I form my habits and stick with them, I like routines. My husband lovingly calls me Miss OCD. Lol You can imagine that I didn’t like both of us losing our jobs at the same time. Although, even if I liked to fly by the seat of my pants that would have sucked. Anyway, fast forward to today. We have found out that is possible that we might both be able to go back to school. MORE CHANGE! Definitely good change yet scary just the same. Somehow this scares me more than us both being unemployed.

According to my mom, without change we would never move forward. I know that she is completely right. That being said I’m still afraid of change. But sometimes just knowing that I’m not the only one caught in a “tornado” of change would make me feel a little better.


  1. I got laid off the beginning of May, as well, and the Ohio job market is not a happy place. Good luck to you. Change can be a very good thing.

  2. Change is scary, no doubt about it, but learning is always good. May your new path lead you to a better place (preferably with lots of creative inspiration!)
    Thank you so much for posting my etsy mini on your page - I'm so flattered!

  3. I know what you mean about habits and change! I've been unemployed for over a year now and the thought of going back to work, and therefore changing my routine, is somewhat scary. I hope the winds blow you to somewhere good. :)