Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

Well its hard to believe but the kids are back in school..... well, 2 of them are. Tim doesnt start until tomorrow. The girls started today and were both very excited. It is a big year for both of them, Katie started middle school and Megan started 1st grade which means full days. Katie had her hair straightened and her alarm set early yesterday evening and Megan had coat, shoes and backpack on about half an hour before we needed to leave this morning. LOL I think they were both ready. I cant wait to see them after school and see how it went. :)


  1. My boys were ready, too. Tomorrow my youngest starts pre-school -- it's only 2.5 hrs, three days a week, but I am definitely not ready. They grow up too fast!

  2. I know. Its crazy how fast it goes. My son starts 8th grade tomorrow. Next year he is in highschool! :O lol

  3. good grief - littleworm has blogged :-)

    hope they had a wonderful day!